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    I have a galaxy J5 Prime 2016. My phone was slow so I used system reset feature from the OS mode then the android (writing files or something) screen froze for an hour, so I cancelled it using button combination.
    Then I tried to wipe system and all in recovery mode, also wiped the cache and rebooted. Now it shows "No Command" error even if I tried these steps multiple times. I feel like I have deleted the main file as I read from other threads.

    I dont know if my phone was rooted, I had tried it once though. Rootchecker showed not rooted but any official Samsung apps wouldnt work saying its rooted.

    So if I have deleted the recovery files,I would appreciate if I could know if there is any way to reinstall the proper software and fix my phone. Also, any steps necessary.

    07-18-2018 01:06 AM

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