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    I just recently got the U12+ 64GB (Unlocked) and have been having issues recently. If anyone is wondering, I am currently up-to-date on system and app software.


    It seems with YouTube, every time I decide that I want to watch a video and look at the comments, it automatically scrolls up when I try to just use one finger to navigate through. Maybe I'm not using the right gestures, but I took off the three finger gesture because it doesn't do me any justice. I don't have any other problems like that with other apps like Facebook or any other streaming apps.


    I currently drive a 2016 Honda Civic EX-T and I always use Bluetooth connectivity when I get into my car. The problem I am having with the phone is that I have to go through developer options, and then to Networking to change from AAC to SBC codec. Everything else is the same. It works fine with my BeatsX headset with sound and connectivity (which defaults to "Use System Selection" under Bluetooth Audio Codec), but with my car it's always a chore to deal with. As of this morning, I tried connecting doing the same route, and now it doesn't want to play the audio. It seems that I'll have to mess with the options more to get it to work properly with my vehicle (which that hasn't been updated from the dealership because I just haven't gotten around to doing so lol). Volume: un-muted, Bluetooth: connected, Bluetooth Audio Codec: SBC (like usual for the past week). Is there no way to make it does this automatically without having to make it a hassle to do? These may be small things to most people, but they're very annoying to me. This is making me want to return the phone and just stick with Samsung corrupting my SD card every time it updates.

    Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
    08-28-2018 11:34 AM

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