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    Hey. I need to download an android upgrade, but i don't have wifi at my house. Can soneone explain to me a way of doing this over cellular connection? I read plenty of replies to this question in other forums, though a bit drunk,the concensus of people answering seems to be as follows; "That **** is expensive, there's surely an open, or a friends wifi network you could utilize to download the update. There is a reason it is set to download merely via wifi, if you exceed your data plan limit you will certainly suffer."

    Thing is that my home network is based on LTE. I have a 1TB monthly subscription that will greatly suffice for a long time. At my house i have an LTE+ connection that gives me 50/50 speeds and is far cheaper than my local selection of fiber optics ISPs, consisting of one ISP with a monopoly on the market. I'm a telecommunications technician and i know this stuff through and through so please no **** about it being off the charts expensive. I simply need to know how.

    Thanks, and sorry for any bluntness i've exerted, but these replies really are a pain in the *** to read through.
    09-21-2018 12:46 PM

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