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    I need help in restoring my phone (Starmobile play lite). By my stupid thinking, I have formatted the system.img using fastboot and it wouldnt boot. I tried flashing a stock system.img but it always says that it couldnt load system.img, I could boot to recovery, tried using adb but my pc wouldnt recognize the device in recovery, so I couldnt use adb. I also tried looking for custom recoveries but what they do once i flashed them it would just be stuck at the boot logo. Please help
    09-25-2018 02:13 AM
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    First, you probably have to unlock the bootloader. Then you probably have to use fastboot, not adb. Then flash the entire ROM, not just parts of it (at least until you know what you're doing - playing with Magisk means flashing boot.img or patched_boot.img - sometimes more than just a few times).

    And make sure that the image you flash is for your model of Starmobile, for your country for your carrier (or whatever applies). Flashing the wrong model ROM gives you a boot partition that works, but when it doesn't find anything to boot to, it goes back to the boot partition and tries again ... and again ... and - since there's no system, and evidently Starmobile doesn't include the recovery partition, won't just leave you in recovery, it bootloops.
    09-25-2018 12:41 PM

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