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    Title. My volume buttons have been broken for a few months but that hasn't really been a problem as there are several apps that allow me to adjust volume without them. The problem is that I now have the error with the dead robot picture above a message saying "No command". I know usually this can be fixed by going into the boot menu by pressing power and volume up. But as I said, my volume buttons are broken so I can't do this. Is there another way to fix it? I would assume there's something you can do which requires plugging it into a PC with a USB but I'm not really sure where to start.


    If it's necessary, it's a Blackview S8
    09-25-2018 05:45 PM
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    Install adb on the PC. Install the driver for your phone. Connect the phone. Go to a command prompt (Windows) or terminal (Mac or Linux). Issue the

    adb devices

    command. It should show a device (a serial number). Issue the command

    adb boot recovery

    You'll be in the recovery menu. Now the problem is moving the cursor up and down - which requires the volume keys. So the best bet is to get the volume keys fixed first - then you don't have to worry about any of this.

    (If you can wipe the system cache from Settings [some manufacturers remove that], it does the same thing as wiping it from the recovery boot.)
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    09-26-2018 05:06 PM

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