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    I have had issues with my network connectivity these last two weeks. Initially I realised that my phone wasn't recieving text messages (sending okay), and then a few days later I noticed that media (both pictures and video) isn't loading on a lot of websites/apps when I'm off wifi (perfectly fine on wifi). It is most notable on facebook and instagram where no photos or video load (although thumbnails seem fine. Some websites and embedded emails don't load properly either. Then miraculously I suddenly received every text message from the last 2 weeks yesterday all at once, although media still not loading. Since then I have tried clearing cache and cookies, restarting phone and also resetting network settings. Anything else to consider?
    09-30-2018 03:54 AM
  2. Jadon Hart's Avatar
    Sorry, forgot to mention I have a Google pixel 2 plus with Telstra
    09-30-2018 03:57 AM

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