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    I am new to Android. I have been using Windows Phone for the last seven years, and while I love it, it's dead. Needlessto say I am very used to how the Photos app on WP works. To me it was very logical: all the photos in the Pictures folder could be viewed from the app by going to the folders tab.

    With Google Photos, I can't seem to view anything that was not taken by the camera. I can't add the old Pictures folder to Google Photos (I am using the microSD card from my Windows Phone in the Android phone). I even moved some of the folders with pictures into the DCIM folder, but they still do not show up.

    I also turned off syncing with the Google Photos cloud service because I have the phone uploading everything to OneDrive.

    So how do I get the app to display all the photos I have on the microSD?
    10-01-2018 08:36 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The main Google Photos feed will show you all photos in the local Camera folder as well as any photo that was backed up/synced to your Google Photos in the cloud. Other photos in other folders won't show up if they're not synced to your Google Photos cloud. To do that, open the Photos app, tap Menu>Device Folders, and look for the folder that has the images you want to sync/backup to Google Photos in the cloud. Tap the cloud icon at the lower right of that folder, and those items will then sync to your Google Photos cloud, and therefore show up in the main feed.

    The Google Photos app is understandably not everyone's cup of tea, especially if you're used to the traditional AOSP basic gallery app format. If you want to try a 3rd party gallery, give Focus a try. It's from a well-known and trusted ROM developer, so you don't have to worry about any sneaky hidden stuff like ads or unwanted features (which many 3rd party gallery apps throw in there).
    10-01-2018 11:01 AM
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    Thanks for the answer. I definitely don't want to to Google's cloud. I only have a Google account for YouTube (and now the phone). I don't use any of their other services. I sync everything with OneDrive, but I will definitely check out Focus.
    10-01-2018 01:08 PM
  4. Ferkner's Avatar
    So Focus and Focus Go did no better. None of the apps I tried did. They all had the same inherit problem. They show the camera folder from the phone, the Wallpapers folder from my SD Card (which is in root/Pictures), and the profiles folder I created this evening (also in Pictures on the SD Card). However, the apps don't show the other folder within Pictures, and they show me a bunch of junk folders such as LocalState, Thumbnail, 7C5WSQNI, DataImageFile, RealarmColor, Wide310x150Logo, etc. My wife showed me the Photos app on her phone and none of those garbage folders were appearing. She had the Camera folder, Instagram, Screenshots and a couple of others.

    So why am I seeing all those garbage folders and not all the folders and pictures that I have in my Pictures folder on the SD Card? How do I fix this?
    10-01-2018 06:52 PM
  5. MADDROID1's Avatar
    Upon advice from here, I downloaded "Simple Gallery". I recently had the same complaint about Google photos. Simple Gallery works like a charm. Totally logical.
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    10-01-2018 07:04 PM
  6. Ferkner's Avatar
    Thanks for that suggestion. The simple fact that it lets me manage the folders that are included means it wins.

    Doing a bit of digging, all those weirdo folders are remnants of using the SD card in my Windows Phone. I did not delete all the Windows Phone folders on the SD card yet in case I needed to go back to that phone for something.
    10-01-2018 07:20 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    So why am I seeing all those garbage folders and not all the folders and pictures that I have in my Pictures folder on the SD Card? How do I fix this?
    I'm glad that Simple Gallery app works well for you! But images in the /Pictures directory should still show up in conventional gallery apps, since the system scans all directories for image files to add to the gallery database. However, the entire /Pictures directory might be ignored if there's a file called .nomedia in it -- use a file manager and see if one is present.
    10-02-2018 12:09 AM
  8. Ferkner's Avatar
    Next question: Is there a way for any of these apps to not show every single folder on the main screen? I have a folder on my SD Card called "Pictures", with sub-folders inside. I only want "Pictures" to show up on the main screen, where if I tap that box, I go to another screen showing the sub-folders. Is this possible? Do any apps support this?
    10-05-2018 07:14 AM
  9. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Give Folder Gallery a try.
    10-05-2018 01:14 PM

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