1. Android Central Question's Avatar
    So I am thinking that my power button is broken and I need to restart my phone. (Just a simple restart of turnning off and on), anyway to do so without that button?
    I have Nexus 5x with android 8.1.
    11-16-2018 07:40 AM
  2. Snjesko's Avatar
    It's Simply impossible. The power button is required to Power On, Power off, and restart you phone. You also can't turn on Emergency mode without the Power button. You should probably go a Repair store to replace the button if you plan on ever restarting your phone again.
    11-16-2018 04:55 PM
  3. Velenoso's Avatar
    Well Bixby can restart my phone but google assist can't, try downloading a different AI and see if they can.

    Also if your device has auto-restart which my S9+ does you can set a time to have it restart.
    11-16-2018 05:04 PM

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