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    Phone = LG (H910) V20 w/Nougat 7.0, Rooted

    Strangest Problem Ever!!!

    Right after I install an app (Google Play or Sideloaded), "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince starts playing. If I swipe down to see Notifications, it stops playing.

    There is no related notification, no other apps are running and the apps I have on my phone are the same apps I always put on every phone and that's what I was installing (apps I have always used but hadn't put on this phone yet).

    It just started out of nowhere, yesterday.

    I do have this song on my phone (not linked to any Notifications, nor Ringtones, nor Alarms), so I moved the file to see if something was seeing it and playing it and then installed an app, but it still played the same song.

    See what I mean? Strangest problem ever! :-)

    Does anyone have any ideas??? The sound on my phone works normally otherwise.

    UPDATE: I use the "AFWall+" firewall, which displays a Notification right after an app is installed, telling you to set up the app in it. I tried turning off that notification in AFWall+ and this issue went away. However, the following is also true:

    1) There is no "which sound to play" setting for the notification.

    2) It has been working with it on, without producing any sound when the notification shows, literally for years. In fact, it was working fine with the notification turned on and without a sound just yesterday!

    3) What notification plays an entire song (I just let it play once to see what would happen)?!?

    I will write to the AFWall+ Developer as well, but this app has never done this before and there's no "select sound" setting in the app and they certainly wouldn't be paying Prince's Estate royalty fees, in order to play one of his songs every time a user installs a new app, so something weird is definitely going on here. :-)

    Thank You
    11-29-2018 12:15 PM
  2. Zeuszoos's Avatar

    Found the answer! It was a setting in the Android Notification system. When a Notification appears, if you long-tap it, it gives you sound options and you can silence the notification.

    Why that apps' notifications suddenly decided to play a song after being on my phone and used for a while, but it did. But problem solved now.

    11-29-2018 11:31 PM

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