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    Good morning everyone,

    The problem in one line: When I connect my Google pixel 3 to my car (Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid plug-in) it does not work.

    More detail: I recently upgraded from Google Pixel to Google Pixel 3. I used to have Andriod Auto on my Pixel (and that worked perfectly fine with my current car) and then I migrated over to my new handset (google pixel 3) and during the copying over process of applications at the beginning of setting up the phone Andriod Auto was also successfully copied over.

    I drive a Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid. When I plug my phone in to the car, Andriod Auto launches in some bizarre shrunked up fashion on my mobile's screen but nothing happens on my car's display screen. When I try to get the car to forcibly recognise a device is plugged in it responds with an error saying, "Plug in a device that supports Andriod Auto". As if to say nothing is plugged in!

    Has anyone figured out a solution to this? On a side note, I can't actually uninstall Andriod Auto from my Pixel 3. Is that normal?

    Thanks so much for taking time to read my question.

    12-03-2018 04:14 AM

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