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    I have been hit by a hacker pretty bad. Most networking companies only provide assistance to corporations.
    I just bought a Samsung J7 Star (2018-T-Metro). It is about a month old. I am not very tech-savvy but I am teaching myself with the tools available online. This "hacker" has 'superuser' access to my phone. I have bought ES file Explorer pro through Google Play. I noticed it had a backup setting that I can not import. I decompiled the app and can see multiple files. Most of the files keep the keyboard, GUI and toast either transparent or hidden. One connects fttp and grants user "cp866" access as superuser. Another starts running a lot of files involving a token (I've seen info on my desktop about AWS and SharePoint server). Encoding decoding and saving a lot of stuff to my sd card. I already have tickets with AWS and Microsoft. I have also already reported to the FBI. Microsoft has found that my computers are running NT end terminal with managed terminal on top. VmWare win 10 pro and Hyper V win 10 home. To attempt to hide that I'm not on win 10 home anymore. It's eating my computers up and is going to be very expensive when I do find someone to fix them.
    I am asking for help with my J7 if anyone can point me in the right direction at least, I would appreciate it. I have some type of management on my phone. I believe it's plugged into Knox somehow. I've been compiling a few apps this morning and have only found what I listed. Please help.
    12-04-2018 07:23 AM
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    Factory reset the phone (make sure you know your Google account info to set it up again, change all of your passwords, and call it a day.

    Much of what you're saying makes little sense, and it's rather hard to hack into Android. Unless you've downloaded apps from unknown locations or clicking on fake pop-up's saying you've been infected (it's impossible for a random website to scan your phone, much less in a few seconds), the chances of you being hacked are slim to none. I'm thinking you started digging in to things you don't yet fully understand and have jumped to the conclusion of being hacked.
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    12-04-2018 09:23 AM

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