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    My camera flash not working before 6 months
    12-11-2018 09:31 PM
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    Before you've owned the phone for 6 months or for the past 6 months?

    Either way let's determine if your LED is working. Turn on your flashlight app, most devices have one. If you cannot find it in your app drawer activate Google Now and say turn on flashlight or go to the play store and get one of the free apps there. If your LED comes on that's good. It means there's probably a bad setting. If it doesn't come on take the device to a service center.

    When you open the camera there will be a lightning bolt somewhere in the display. It will either have a line through it, a capital letter A next to or on it or just the lightning bolt. Touching it should open a menu and allow you to change the setting. Of course the line means it will not flash, the A means it will only flash when the conditions are met and the lightning bolt but its self means it should always flash regardless of the conditions. Set it to the last one and try taking a photo. If it flashes great if it does not flash open the camera settings, this varies from phone to phone. There might be a gear, you may pull from the side or top or you might have an arrow somewhere along the edge. Usually under general settings or at the bottom of the settings look for reset to default and then attempt to get the flash set to the lightning bolt and try another photo.

    If it still will not work go into settings under apps and find your camera. Open this and look for defaults, this is a list of apps that open your camera by default whenever you want to take a photo within the app. Choose to clear all defaults, this simply means that the next time you want to use this app to take a photo it will ask permission first. Go back to your camera and try to take another photo and check if the flash works.

    If it still isn't working go to the play store and find a free camera app then use that app to take a photo adjusting any settings needed to ensure the flash is set to come on.

    If the flash still does not work your camera sensor is likely defective or the sensor for the flash is defective depending on your device. You'll probably want to take it to service center for repair.
    12-12-2018 05:24 AM

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