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    So I have my swipe card for my uni dorm in the back of my phone and I'd like to put other cards there too, but it keeps making the sound that it's detecting nearby compatible chips, how do I turn the notification off? I want to use NFC (as I use it for purchases) but I don't want to keep hearing the sounds of it constantly detecting my room key
    12-12-2018 01:51 AM
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    I use NFC for Google pay and it offers the option to turn NFC on when I open or use the app but I turn it off when not in use. I've read more than a couple of articles that say NFC and Bluetooth are vulnerable on Android so I only turn them on to use them and turn them off. You might try, I don't have any NFC tags or devices to test this but it works for other notifications, when the notification shows up in your navigation bar long press it and there should be options there to control the notifications. If that doesn't work you could try one of the Android automation apps. Depending on what version of Android you're on they can control the toggle for NFC. Sadly in some of the more updated versions Google has disabled automated toggles. You may also be able to add a toggle to your home screen simply enabling and disabling it as needed.

    Here's an article about vulnerabilities.

    12-12-2018 02:53 AM

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