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    I've formatted a micro SD, I thought originally to internal storage, however I see now it is 'portable storage' after a recent update? This phone only has 16 GB and I'm at my limit. Can I safely delete apps I won't use? Like 1Weather, SprintSpot, Kindle?
    01-05-2019 01:57 PM
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    Anything you installed, you can uninstall. ('Delete', from the home screen, just deletes the shortcut from the home screen, it doesn't uninstall the app.) If you didn't install it, you probably can't uninstall it, and it's probably not safe to if you could. (This is one reason phones get replaced every few years. 5 years ago, 16GB was considered a fairly large amount of storage. Today it's considered about the bare minimum usable. In another 5 years, it won't be usable.)

    The reason LG (and Samsung) decided to not implement adoptive storage (using he SD card as part of internal storage) is because it's a very bad idea. It's intended to extend the life of a phone for a short time, until you can afford to replace it. It causes the SD card to fail prematurely. (Android apps must maintain their current state constantly, because Android can kill any app not currently displaying or sounding without asking. When you go back to that app, you want it to appear as if the app has been running all that time, but it hasn't been, so Android runs it telling it "and resume where you left off". SD cards can't take constant writing, they're designed for storage - write once, read many. Their lifespan is actually measured in number of write cycles.) So, as a stopgap, "I can keep my phone for another few months" measure, it's fine. But people don't use it like that, and LG and Samsung have wisely decided to not implement it.
    01-05-2019 03:49 PM

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