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    Hello, my phone was stolen and I used find my device to try to erase the data for peace of mind. It looks like the device was on until exactly the moment it was stolen as it locates it to that area at that time. I was sent the message that it would erase as soon as the phone is turned on again. My question is how do I know if this has happened? I have not got an updated email in my gmail, but notably when I click onto my google account, the device in question is no longer linked to my gmail account. Does this mean it has worked? Or that the thief has wiped the phone? Thanks. My main concern is that my data is not accessed.
    02-07-2019 02:57 PM
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    Unfortunately unless the device has an active data connection, the wipe command will not take effect. You should get a notification on your Google Account stating that it went through, however. You can see it around the 3:30 mark in this video.
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    02-07-2019 03:15 PM

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