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    I bought an Archos 70b Helium tablet for gaming use. Its only an 8GB tablet but i bought a 64GB Sandisk Micro SD card.

    When i put the card in the tablet and booted up it promoted me with "Expand Internal Storage Activate Archos Fusion Storage". So i clicked yes and under the Settings, Storage it shows just internal storage free space 59.51GB. (Think the tablet activated the SD card as internal storage?)

    Now the problem begins. When i go to Google Play Store and try and download an app. Say Armed Heists, it opens a popup screen that says i must delete some apps to free up some storage! If i go to Google Play Store and click My Apps & Games, then Installed it shows that i have just 722mb of free storage space and my storage is 84% used? Despite me having over 59GB of storage available on my SD card that has been activated as Archos Fusion Storage for use as internal storage space?

    Please help... I've tried everything... Under settings i don't even have an option to move apps to SD card or anything like that. So can not even free up some internal storage space.
    05-06-2019 05:23 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, some manufacturers don't implement Adoptable Storage correctly. I've seen this issue mentioned for other devices, including certain Moto phones. You could try using a different SD card, in case the one you're using is defective or counterfeit, but if the same thing happens with another card (from a reputable seller), then it's an issue with the firmware. You'd have to bring it up with Archos, and I'm not sure how robust their customer support is. Support ARCHOS
    05-06-2019 10:12 AM

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