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    Our bright-tab model V90 Powers up fine. We get the first screen of just the Android on it. We also then get the next screen showing the Android along with the word: Android. 3rd we get the Tablet PC Keep Moving Forward screen just stuck. I greatly appreciate your help.
    05-07-2019 07:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! This kind of thing usually means that either the firmware is corrupt, or the hardware is faulty. You can try booting into Recovery by doing the following:

    1. Press and hold Power for 20 seconds to force a shutdown.
    2. Press and hold Power and Vol Down until you hopefully see the Recovery menu appear.
    3. Select either Wipe Cache Partition or Wipe Data and see if that does anything.

    Chances are that this won't help. This kind of issue is unfortunately common with cheap no-name or off-brand devices. In the future, stick with well-known and reputable manufacturers.
    05-07-2019 10:09 PM

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