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    I have a Polaris Slingshot. I installed a Kenwood deck that supports both CarPlay and Android Auto. I travel with friends who also have a Slingshot, so we have Cardo PackTalks so we can communicate (4 people - husband/wives) and it's super awesome. I need to be able to plug in my Pixel 3 so that Android Auto can display Google Maps, but I want my audio (Pandora) to come through my Cardo PackTalk so I can listen to music. I can't figure out how to make this happen. When I plug in my Pixel, Android Auto loads and I can not find a way to change audio outputs to go from my Kenwood to my Cardo. When I used an iPhone, it was simple. I just clicked the AirPlay button in Pandora to switch from AirPlay to my Cardo device. How do I do this with my Pixel 3?
    05-09-2019 09:14 AM

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