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    When I have BT on in my Dodge Ram, I have a S S9+ phone and use Google maps I only occasionally have a voice telling me where to go etc. How can I fix that? Thanks.
    06-14-2019 03:45 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    There is a toggle on the navigation screen that toggles, full announcement, alerts and mute. Be sure you're not changing this accidentally and that it is set to what you want.

    Also under settings there is a Navigation Settings menu. Check it out to be sure that the volume isn't set to softer, Play voice over Bluetooth is selected and use the Play Test Sound to hear what your settings reflect.

    Please become a member to reply to this thread. Report what you've found and what you've tried if different from the above so that we can try to help you.
    06-15-2019 03:17 AM

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