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    I like to change my themes frequently and when I do that the clock widget used to be a part of whatever the theme had the clock widget color as but recently the clock widget doesn't change it just stays white. This is obviously an issue if it's a light colored theme because then I can't actually see the clock widget. I'm not sure why it's doing this. I've tried to turn off the always on display thinking that's the issue, but that doesn't do any good. Any ideas?
    09-15-2019 08:49 PM
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    Hi, welcome to Android Forums

    I'd like to recommend creating a account so me or other members can assist you, as guest have limitations in replying here and if we need further Information to communicate with you.

    I'll provide a link to register, please come back to your post so we can further assist you . Thank you.

    09-15-2019 08:50 PM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    Have you tried reinstalling the theme?
    09-15-2019 08:52 PM

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