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    Hello I have an electric lock connected to my door the mechanism is integrated with the door and it's behavior is very simple, when you push button the electricity flows while you are pressing the button (it sounds like a bee) and it releases the door lock.

    I would like to buy some gadget to control it with google home, the problem i found is all gadget I found are switches, I would need something that when you say "Ok google open the door" opens the relay for 2 seconds and cut off the electric flow.

    Anybody know if that kind of push button exist for Google Home?

    02-06-2020 05:44 AM
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    How do you propose to connect to the lock? Is it Wifi compatible?
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    02-06-2020 06:10 AM
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    This sounds like the mechanism depicted in TV shows for apartment buildings in NY. If you ever saw Friends, that rarely-used device next to the door that also had a speaker to talk to the person "buzzing" to get in the building.

    Is this on your immediate door or is this on an entry door to the building where it's also used by others? If it's yours, what is actually actuating - is it a bolt or is it some kind of magnetic securement?

    I wonder if you could use a smart light switch to actuate it, and have a routine that turns it on for a few seconds then back off? That depends on how it's wired though, it may not work if it's a low-voltage system.

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    02-06-2020 06:35 AM

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