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I have question regarding my LG K50S with Android 9.
It has software buttons, triangle circle and square.

I accidentally pressed a button, either on the screen or on the side of the phone,
while looking at the regular program launcher background, or possibly from the
Settings menu.
This button brought up a menu that looks roughly like this: (slash) a (slash) O3wijHD
(though that is Windows for phones, I think).

A search from Google Maps was listed under "Recent Activities".
It was not necessary to log into Google Account, such as for the Google Account activity lists. I have certainly not installed any third party program to which this menu might belong, and the background of the menu was the same as that of the regular program launcher background (home screen), with a transparent gray background superimposed on a transparent gray background, like if one holds down on the background, or if there is a PIN lock (a bit more transparent, I think).

In part due to confusion of the terms "activity" (program window), "activity log" (Google Account activity log) and "recent activities" (list from pressing square button), I did not find documentation how to bring up this menu.

How can I do it?
Many thanks in case you tell me and anyway.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Without seeing exactly what it looks like, it might be hard to suggest a possible option. It might be a native feature that came preinstalled on the phone (i.e., from LG), or it could be some feature related to an app you installed.

Was it anything like this?

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