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    Even though I like b&h best, I couldn't resist the ZTE axon 7 at Newegg for 349.00, plus a pair of beats bluetooth headphones, and coffee maker. Free. All for 349.00. You can get free shipping, but I opted for the 3-4 day for 5.99. It took me over 14 hours to finally be able to order. So get to it.
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    11-25-2016 09:33 AM
  2. omegafiler's Avatar
    Agreed. I went with newegg as well. In particular as I realized I was apparently still under their old "shoprunner" service that gave me free 2nd day shipping. In either case, I'll probably sell the free items.

    I originally had the Axon 7 when it first came out. Returned due to bugs, signal issue, etc. With updates and lower price, think it's worth another shot. It was otherwise a great phone. Heck, it's basically cheap enough to keep as a spare, or one that lives in the vehicle as a dedicated android auto device, thanks to it's excellent DAC and expandable storage.
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    11-25-2016 10:06 AM

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