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    Hey everyone,

    We're a mobile app developer that's nearing a market release of our first app for Android Devices.
    We need beta testers to help find those pesky bugs and help give us feedback on improvements we can make to the application.

    About the App:

    The purpose of our app is to manage family plans by allocating specific amounts of texts, call minutes and data usage to each user on a family plan. By using our app, myBounds, you can access each user's current usage in real time from any one phone. Our goal in creating myBounds is to eliminate a large problem known as Bill Shock. That's when you receive a charge on your monthly bill that you weren't expecting. These bills can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
    With myBounds, Bill Shock will be a thing of the past!

    myBounds is also a great app for single plan users curious about their current usage, so being on a family plan is not necessary to participate in our beta.

    We'd extremely appreciate your help in this beta and would love to sign you up.
    To sign up for the beta go to http://tinyurl.com/3jwlzq8 or PM me your email and I can add you to the list.

    Thanks a lot!

    myBounds Dev Team

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    11-01-2011 11:36 AM
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    If anyone has any questions about the beta or app, please let me know and I will answer them as soon as possible!
    11-01-2011 02:18 PM