Imagine Pokemon Go meets Legends of Zelda: Looking for beta testers!


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Nov 24, 2023
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Swords is a fantasy RPG treasure hunting mobile game developed by Future House Studios. Imagine the real-world traversal of Pokemon Go mixed with the storytelling and questing of the Legends of Zelda. There are three core game elements, battling monsters, collecting swords and other relics, and completing quests to find real world treasure.

The game is currently available for beta testing on both iOS and Android devices.

Here’s the initial sneak peek video. Keep in mind that we’re not focused on art at this point, we’ll nail that down once we finalize the game features.

We ran our first beta test in Fall 2023 with over 1000 people and a grand prize treasure of $1,000. We’re now prepping for our next campaign in January 2024 with a grand prize of $2.000. We’re looking for beta testers to play the game and send us feedback!

We’re shooting for an official launch date in 2024, but that’s subject to change based on the development timeline.

If you’d like to sign up for the beta, you can do so on our website:

Our game is available on Google Play Store, which you can access through here:

We’ll be posting dev updates on this thread, our discord server, and on our Facebook group.

About Future House Studios

At Future House Studios we love making games.

Future House Studios is an award-winning animation, game development, and visual effects company. The studio has assembled a team of artists and engineers from the top film, game, and VR studios that include IndustrialLight + Magic, Weta, Disney, Epic Games, Microsoft, Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Digital Domain, Within, and more. Future House team members have vast experience creating blockbuster movies, AAA games, virtual entertainment, premiere VR and AR experiences, hit television series, and commercials.

The Studio was awarded the Best in Sharing Award by Niantic for our Augmented Reality work on their LightshipPlatform. We were also awarded Best Media & Entertainment Company by the Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame.


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Nov 24, 2023
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Happy holidays everyone!

We created a new Christmas quest, and we’re hiding more gifts for you to find since it is the season of giving. There will be a variety of available prizes to find, and we’re excited for you all to find them.

Christmas w: Avatar.png

What’s in The New Christmas Quest?

Father Winterhope, the bearer of joy and keeper of a great treasure, has arrived in our land to spread merriment and ward off monsters. But, oh dear, just as he was about to unveil the treasure, a mischievous force swooped in and snatched it away!

Now, the fate of the festive season rests in YOUR hands. Can you help Father Winterhope recover the stolen treasure and save the holidays?

The very first Swords Christmas quest is here and it will be happening tomorrow, Wednesday, December 13th! This quest is happening for a very limited time only.

As you progress in the quest, you'll find exciting real-life gifts to power you up along the way. You might get a giant box of Dirty Dough cookies. It could be a real-life sword! Or it might even be a drive in a Ferrari for a day! But the most exciting part is that there will be another $1,000 treasure in gold and silver hidden in the wilderness! This is your chance to win the legendary treasure!

This is a quest that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Set your alarms and be prepared to start on your very first holiday hunt!

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