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    Take a look at "Craig's Power Saver ROOT ONLY"

    **Rooted phone or go home (BETA)

    OK - it's not fully complete yet, still working on the wakeup notifications (right now it's purely power saving mode)

    Run, 1. press start/reset service...

    (Or click on the root button or checkbox to allow location services to be accessed for more battery power!)

    After pressing start/reset button that's it! When you switch your phone screen off wifi/modem/bt/gps all get shutdown and when the screen comes on, they all come back on!

    *Don't rapidly switch screen on and off, could cause a crash

    *Tested confirmed on 4.4 kitkat, need testers!

    Up to 50% more battery life!

    09-07-2015 02:55 AM

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