Please help. I'm a dumb*** and flashed Android 13 from DUI settings on Android 11 without unlocking bootloader.


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Apr 12, 2023
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So now on restart it tells me system is corrupt and need to decorrupt and I have to press power button in 5 second phone will shut off. I press the power button and it loads normal. Everything works but it's way slower lagging and stuff. I tried to log in recovery but I up until just now pressed a bunch of random buttons for into recovery mode. It word never make it to recover mode the little Android man wild pup up and say no system command. Anyway made it to recovery mode and wiped the partitions and rebooted and still popped up system corrupted. I also have done a factory reset to no avail. Oh yeah I forgot to state that the upload of android 13 from 11 made it almost 3/4 of the download before stopping. So it never finished and I'm still running that same Android 11 just with I'm guessing corrupted files from boatloader not being unlocked. I mean it's a 60$ phone from Walmart but it's all I have right now. I'm sure a couple people have been there. Anyway I know someone knows what I should do. Just say screw it and don't mess with it since it still loadimg morally and I can get online and use apps. Or is it a crash waiting to happen?? Should I download factory rom from somewhere and root, then unlock boatloader, flash ROM and restart. And if someone could tell me how is the best way to flash or get the corrupted files off before I I flash the new one?? Or will the news one fix the crashed files. Please just a dummy needing help.

Here is my phone info.

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#1 Wed Nov 2 16:08:05 CST 2022

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