1. DDRC's Avatar
    My chrome browser (Windows 10) is stuck on Version 39.0.2171.95 m and I always get this error when trying to update:

    Update failed (error: 7)An error occurred while checking for updates: Unable to connect to the Internet. If you use a firewall, please whitelist GoogleUpdate.exe.

    I've checked the firewall to make sure google can get through, but still no luck. I'm thinking I should uninstall chrome and re-install but have an inquiry:

    If I uninstall chrome will I lose my saved passwords and cookies?

    This is my biggest fear. Thanks for any feedback.
    04-16-2018 02:54 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Which firewall did you check -- your antivirus software's, or your router's? If it's your antivirus software, have you tried temporarily disabling its firewall?
    04-16-2018 07:14 PM
  3. DDRC's Avatar
    Yes, I've tried disabling windows firewall with no luck. A prevailing solution I've been able to dig up suggests that this error requires a re-install. I did a google search and there is a way to back up passwords. I'm going to go for the uninstall/update this weekend. Thanks a lot for your feedback B. Diddy.
    04-17-2018 10:32 PM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry about losing data by reinstalling it. Your data is backed up in the cloud, which is what allows you to sync your account across devices. That isn't deleted unless you actually delete the account itself.

    In second thought, you may lose your cookies because I think they may be device specific, but those should rebuild themselves without much trouble.
    04-17-2018 10:42 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I think you might have to make sure you're actually signed into your Google account in the Chrome settings to make sure your bookmarks and passwords are backed up to the cloud. It's possible to use Chrome as a guest.
    04-18-2018 02:43 AM

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