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    There is one piece of technology that has really stolen my heart in the past few years. At first I was a bit skeptical but over time, I’ve come to enjoy and even rely on this seemingly simple piece of gadgetry. Every year it gets smarter and every day I use it, I appreciate just how useful it is. This one device entered my life and actually, legitimately made my life better. This is an example of how technology really can make life easier for folks. Here’s the kicker: it’s not an iPhone, it’s a robotic vacuum.

    While that may have sounded an awful lot like an Apple commercial, there’s a lot of truth to it. Yes, of course robotic vacuums are not going to end world hunger or bring lasting peace to society, but they are a seemingly simple gadget that really does make life easier. With just a few taps on my smartphone, my floor can be cleaned, and cleaned well, on a regular basis, without me having to do a thing. Technology is awesome.

    I’ve had the privilege of being able to test out a few robovacs over the years but this RoboVac 35C from eufy is the latest, and might even be best one I’ve tested. The only question left is: can it dethrone the Roomba? Let’s find out.

    [REVIEW] Eufy 35C: God Bless RoboVacs-img_20190416_205318.jpg


    Much like smartphone design seemed to reach pretty consistent design language a couple years ago, almost every robot vacuum you come across will look very similar to each other. They are flat, circular, plus size hockey pucks with brushes and wheels on the bottom and buttons on the top. Nothing new here.

    What is different on the 35C from much of the rest of the eufy lineup, and some of the other vacuums I’ve tested, is the height of it. At shorter than 3 inches, the 35C can fit under most of your furniture, especially if it’s more modern. Some older furniture, like our 30+ year old couch, is still fairly low to the ground so he can’t get under it. Still, he should be able to slip under most of your stuff (we named ours Reginald I).

    [REVIEW] Eufy 35C: God Bless RoboVacs-img_20190416_205251.jpg

    There is one unique feature of this RoboVac that is different from it’s siblings; there are touch controls on top of the thing. All the other ones have just a power button but the 35C has a start/stop button, spot mode button, and a “return to home” button for easy operation. It’s a very welcome change as opposed to having to hunt down the remote or your smartphone.

    [REVIEW] Eufy 35C: God Bless RoboVacs-img_20190416_205232.jpg

    How does it work?

    There are a lot of really cool features here designed to help keep your house clean, starting with the five cleaning modes. There’s Automatic which will have Reginald clean the house in the best way he deems fit, which means he will randomly scoot back and forth across the floor sucking up all the dirt and dust until he’s either full or out of juice. Believe it or not, even though it seems very random, he is actually smart enough to be able to clean a path efficiently across the floor. Don’t ask me how he knows, there’s folks a lot smarter than me who have programmed him.
    There’s a barrier strip included with him that you can set down to block off either an entire room or just parts of the room that you’d like him to avoid. For instance, he kept getting stuck under our couch so we put the strip down at the edge of our couch and now he never gets stuck there. Shazam!

    The second mode is Quick mode which has Reggie do a quick 30 second clean if you just need a quick pick up. The third one is Spot mode where you can set him in one spot and he will clean in a circle over the same spot for two minutes. Then there’s Edge mode where he will slide along the edges of the walls for 20 minutes to clean the spots that are hard to grab sometimes. Thankfully, the two front brushes reach out just far enough to the side that it will pull the dust up underneath the vacuum so it can suck it up into the dirt bin.

    The fifth mode is not a preset mode but in Manual mode, you can actually steer him around your house to vacuum precisely where you need him to. Of course I tried this out and it actually works pretty well. There’s almost no delay between the remote and the vacuum and it’s just endless fun to drive a robot around your house and annoy your dog.

    [REVIEW] Eufy 35C: God Bless RoboVacs-screenshot_20190316-211114.jpg

    There’s also something called BoostIQ where the RoboVac can detect spots on the floor that need a little extra attention and will kick itself into high gear to pick up the stubborn bits. Also, the 35C has 1500Pa (pascals) of power which is pretty strong for robot vacuums.

    Of course, one of the best parts of the whole thing is that you can connect it up to your smartphone or smart hub (Alexa or Google Home) for even more hands free control. All the same controls from the remote live in the smartphone app and there’s even an option to schedule it so your floors will get cleaned automatically without you having to do a thing.

    [REVIEW] Eufy 35C: God Bless RoboVacs-screenshot_20190316-211106.jpg

    I love technology.

    Final thoughts.

    Of course, nothing is perfect. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to make the perfect gadget. The 35C is a little loud so it would probably be best to schedule it while you’re gone for the day cuz it might be a little disruptive at home in the evening. My dog has never one barked at or otherwise been bothered by this guy so I wouldn’t worry too much about running it while the pup is out.

    Also, I wish it had a little more charge. Reggie will come extremely close to get an entire run of my floor before he has to return to charge (which he will do so on his own and he is impressively accurate at finding his home), and I live in a town home so there’s not a lot of space here. Thankfully though, once he has charged up, he will return to finish the job if he didn’t quite get everything.
    What’s the verdict?

    All-in-all, I love this thing. This little piece of tech has absolutely made my life better by taking a chore that I don’t like, and doing it well enough so I hardly have to anymore, and does it without me having to do a thing, besides set it up and empty the bin every so often. It is a little loud and I wish it had more of a charge.

    While $300 may be a little much to ask for, I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Head on over here to pick yours up.
    04-16-2019 10:53 PM
  2. Mike Dee's Avatar
    I've always been tempted to get one
    04-16-2019 11:28 PM

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