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    Seems that my data for most of my wife's apps got corrupted somehow. All the apps are still installed, but about half wont launch. Deleting the DATA doesn't help, I must delete the application then reinstall for them to start working.

    I changed the battery in my wifes phone to charge the backup, and now I got constant force closes. I deleted all those apps and reinstalled them and now those apps work. Also the touchwiz launcher lost all her icons, lost the sorting in the app drawer, and reverted back to the stock homepages. Also the newest contacts are missing, but I'm not sure if they were saved to the sim card or to the google accounts.

    This is all on the stock software, no custom rom & rooted. The only thing I can think of is I converted from imnuts kernel non-voodoo to voodoo and I didn't flash the SD card fix afterwards. This was about 5 days ago... How can I stop this from happening again, I probably won't be near her to fix this the next time it happens.
    08-11-2011 08:28 AM