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    I have 2 RAZR Ms.
    One is stock. I have a SmartAction that turns Data off, by time, when I get to work.

    The other M is unlocked and rooted, running Razr M XT907 Clean-ROM 6/5/2013 Beta 1.1/Bare-Bone the first choice from here [ROM] Razr M XT907 Clean-ROM 6/5/2013 Beta 1.1/Bare-Bone NEW BASE!6/7/2013(LINK UP!!) - xda-developers

    This ROM did not come with SmartActions, so I downloaded it from the Play store. It is version 2012 /, the version, on the stock M is
    There is no action for Data, in the version. At least, I haven't found it.

    My google-foo and searching, here, turned up nothing.
    Has anyone else had this experience?
    How did you solve the issue?
    01-13-2014 11:32 AM

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