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    My wife's RAZR MAXX is becoming almost unusable with how slow it is. She was on stock ROM and started having slowness but let me install CM10 as a last resort. It ran pretty well and she kept it for a couple of months, but there were some bugs that bothered her so she decided to go back to stock. Unfortunately, the stock ROM is even slower, but doesn't suffer from the bugs she was getting.

    Is there anything to do about this? Maybe a factory reset on the stock ROM would help, but I don't know (she returned to a nandroid backup when she went back to stock, so it was never really reset).

    CM10 worked decent, but it has to be 100% working for it to be her daily driver. Specifically, I think she wasn't getting MMS messages which was a deal breaker. Are there any good daily driver ROMs available? I would prefer AOSP, but at this point, I really don't care as long as it's fast and nothing is broken.

    I'm tempted to just buy her a used newer phone (GS3, GS4, or one of the new Motos). We are on Verizon unlimited and don't want to buy a subsidized phone and lose our plan.

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    11-16-2013 11:32 AM
  2. MrHost's Avatar
    Buy her a nexus 5 for a great phone on the lower end of cost

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    11-17-2013 12:30 AM
  3. Flatland2D's Avatar
    I didn't think the Nexus 5 was on Verizon.

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    11-17-2013 12:35 AM
  4. neonworm's Avatar
    I didn't think the Nexus 5 was on Verizon.

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    It's not.
    11-17-2013 12:38 AM
  5. jeffrok's Avatar
    My phone is pissing me off lately as well.. Even after rooting and cleaning up, it just starts to drag, even from a clean boot.. This is two weeks after factory resetting it.

    Seriously Motorola/Verizon.. You can't just update the firmware and not provide maintenance/bugfix updates after a major release. Please!
    11-17-2013 04:12 PM
  6. MrHost's Avatar
    My fault. I thought they had released a Verizon compatible version.

    I just read they may be releasing one in the spring so one is possible but not right now. Sorry about that.

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    11-18-2013 01:19 AM
  7. MrHost's Avatar
    I assume you don't have insurance on it? If you do, you can call in for a claim and see what it is replaced with. If the replacement is OK with you it will cost $100. I will be doing that eventually.

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    11-18-2013 01:23 AM

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