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    [FREE PUZZLE] Monster Escape-screenshot_2014-05-06-23-31-22.png[FREE PUZZLE] Monster Escape-screenshot_2014-05-08-17-02-38.png[FREE PUZZLE] Monster Escape-screenshot_2014-05-06-23-34-28.png[FREE PUZZLE] Monster Escape-screenshot_2014-05-06-23-36-27.pngHello everyone, we have just launched a new game called Monster Escape. It is a very basic type of puzzle game, easy to learn but hard to master type of game. Hope you Enjoy it!

    Monster Escape is a fun and addictive brain and puzzle game.
    Trapped! Mons Monster Land was being attacked and all monsters are trapped. The Land is in danger now and all they need is to be released. Your task for this game is to remove all joints to release those sad monsters to let them escape from kidnapping by moving strategically among them and you are not allowed to cross or overlap the same path. Do it as fast as you can, with as few moves as possible and get the least possible amount of time to solve!
    Download Free Monster Escape brain and puzzle game now.
    With 400 exciting levels of different difficulty.
    - 400 challenging Levels
    - 3 different types of monsters
    - 10 worlds map
    - Stunning sound effects.
    - Bounce background music
    - Support for tablets

    Download it through Google Play:

    [FREE PUZZLE] Monster Escape-monster-escape-banner.png
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE PUZZLE] Monster Escape-icon512.png  
    05-22-2014 04:15 AM
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    Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to your game in Play.
    05-22-2014 09:01 AM

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