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    Over the years I've seen several people put PCs in cars with 7" touch screens and keyboards and such. Now that GM has an OnStar app for android, i got to thinking about taking it one step further. Everything that i can pull from my dash i can do on my phone with no problems except control the A/C, so why not replace the radio and all the accessory button with something like a 10" touchscreen powered by android with some type of a custom skin. The radio and AC could just be widgets and all you'd need is a few new apps to integrate android with all of the car's existing systems.
    12-22-2010 09:11 AM
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    Well, with Audi starting to ship head units that utilize the same Tegra 2 CPUs appearing in tablets and phones, I can't imagine it would be long until someone throws Android on it as well!

    TBH, I'm crossing my fingers and praying something turns up @ CES, since I'm in the market for a stereo for my new truck!

    However, I'm not sure I would want it to (by default) doing anything other than monitoring the cars' other systems... Especially considering how amazing it would be to have the system connected to the 'net; maybe even as a wireless hotspot as well?! But with that, unless the stability and security of the OS and EVERY last app on the system could be guaranteed... I wouldn't want it to control ANYTHING! (FC @ 70mph, anyone? )

    I keep bugging Pioneer since they haven't even announced a replacement for the MSN Direct service utilized by their current radios... one can wishfully dream of the potential replacement! :o
    12-22-2010 02:03 PM
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    I wouldn't suggest that it control everything. The ECU computer would still manage the engine and transmission like it does now. But there are Android Apps right now that will read OBDII data. I'm thinking more along the lines of monitoring those systems. and just controling the radio and other nonessential things like windows and such.

    Personally, i still like dials for RPM and such on the dash, so i wouldn't want to get rid of that either.
    12-22-2010 02:51 PM
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    I was considering taking a crack @ building one from scratch with the help of a few integrators and manufacturers I work/ed with in the past... But took on a new contract recently that has my hands tied for the next 6 months.
    12-22-2010 03:13 PM
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    This is exactly what i was thinking about for my car. This is out of a Tesla and it's a 17" screen. Think of this running Honeycomb with widgets to control your A/C, windown, heated seats, lights, and entertainment and have some way for it to sync with you Android's USB to share data.

    01-05-2011 08:47 AM
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    I currently run a carPC with a 7" resistive touchscreen, Windows XP, Road Runner (front end software to make it car/touch friendly), integrated Winamp, and a navigation software called iGuidance. The hard drive recently died on me (they don't last long in a car environment), so I'm in the midst of re-doing the thing.

    To do it right, I should be using a solid state drive rather than a regular hard drive, but it dawned on me that I could get a cheap Android tablet for less than many SSD's.

    My basic needs would be:

    7" capacitive touchscreen
    Integrated (or external but at least available) GPS receiver
    SD card slot

    Nice to have would be:

    Android 2.x
    Wifi that would connect to my Optimus' mobile hotspot
    Bluetooth (for connection to wireless OBD-II dongle for realtime engine info)

    Looking at ebay, something like this:

    7" Android 2.2 APad Tablet PC GPS 3G Webcam Notebook - eBay (item 260707502667 end time Jan-11-11 17:45:01 PST)

    or even maybe this:

    7" ePad Android 1.6 Wifi Tablet PC MSN GPS Touch 2GB - eBay (item 180606547856 end time Jan-28-11 22:36:53 PST)

    ...would do the job. I expect I'd need to sideload any apps I need on it - no big deal. Music should be easy with a built-in player or any available app. For navigation I figure I'll need a copy of CoPilot or NDrive or whatever else is out there. That will be the hardest part I think. I don't want to rely on a network signal for Google Maps/Navigation - I want it onboard.

    All in all, I think I could still get it done for less than the cost of a 7" resistive VGA touchscreen (which still go for like $200-400+ for the screen alone).

    Anyone try out that cheap little 7" Android 1.6 tab? Are there any nav systems that will run onboard on 1.6?

    Edit: Found another - this looks ideal - seems to meet all the requirements: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-7-Android-2-...item5d2cf236fc
    01-09-2011 08:45 PM
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    VIC Ltd NaviSurfer II UBU-3G in-car PC gets built-in GPS -- finally -- Engadget

    just to keep this topic going, it looks like someone has a similar idea, they just used ubuntu instead of android. I might be tempted to try this out though.
    02-23-2011 09:59 AM
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    digging up an old thread, but it looks like this idea is finally starting to catch on

    Nexus 7 makes the best in-car entertainment system ever | Android Central
    sounds familiar.
    08-09-2012 03:50 PM
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    Parrot already do one:

    Unfortunately, it only runs the original (public) version of Android, which means no turn-by-turn directions, among other things...

    Personally, I can't understand why Sony, Pioneer, Clarion or any of the other "mainstream" car entertainment manufacturers haven't jumped on this.

    Clearly the Parrot head-unit above is a poor example, but with a modern version of Android, there is just so much potential for in-car entertainment, especially considering the number of applications for use in vehicles, many of which have "car optimized" interfaces...

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    09-13-2012 11:52 PM
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    Hello Guys.

    If are on the road most of the time, an Android tablet computer with 3G mobile broadband or better is recommended. This is because the slate PC will enable you to get coverage everywhere. Most top tablet PCs are available in a 3G + Wi-Fi version and a Wi-Fi only version.

    10-05-2012 01:30 AM