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    So I called Sprint to inquire about the student discount. I told them the school I go to and they said I get an 18% discount on my phone. Since I'm tmobile on right now they checked to see if I qualify to open a line. I qualified but they ran a credit check. The sprint rep gave me a credit check reference number. Now what I don't want is BB to run another credit check at the store since I already got approved. Is there anyway they will be able to do this at best buy without running a second credit check? The reason is Im in the process of buying a house and don't want my credit run twice. This is my first time pre ordering a phone and have never used BB before.

    Also wondering of I could just call Sprint on the 3rd connect everything via phone get like a reference number from them, maybe making it easier to connect? I honestly don't know the process so if I could get some clarification that would be awesome! Also Im new to Android coming from an iPhone.
    05-24-2010 01:29 AM