Verizon great deal


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Mar 21, 2011
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I upgraded my Pixel 6 Pro to the P8 Pro and got a great deal from Verizon. I had just paid off the P6, was paying $105 a month and it would have dropped to $84 a month starting next month. They gave me $800 trade-in credit on the P6 Pro (I think that might be more than I paid for it!!) and my new payment is $89 so I'm essentially paying $16 less per month than I was for the P6 and got a brand new phone.
I think you have to have one of their higher calling plans to get this deal. I thought they were going to try and convert me to their new plans which would have meant I'd have to pay another 10 per month to keep the Disney+ bundle I get for free, but my plan and price didn't change. They also tried to sell me on getting the Pixel Watch 2 instead of the trade-in but I have a Fitbit that I am quite happy with so don't need a new watch.