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    I use google calendar, which obviously has synced with my new EVO. the issue that i'm having, that is driving me freakin nuts, is that when i open an "all day" calendar entry (for example on June 5th), then click to "edit event", the subsequent screen shows "from" and "to" dates that are different then the date of the current entry (for example "from june 6" "to june 7"). . . wtf? I could see the from and to dates being different b/c it is "all day", but shouldn't the "from" date be the same as the date that I have it shown in my calendar?

    and to take it one step further, once i change the dates back to say june 5th, it likes to always add at least one day on to the date i selected.

    so alright, what's the deal here . . . what am i missing? is there a setting i need to change (which i highly doubt)? at the very least, somebody please explain the logic to me

    06-05-2010 10:32 PM