1. slowmomomo's Avatar
    I'm new to android (my first smart phone) and now I read a lot in this forum & already got a lot of useful tips from here.
    Now what I would like to do, but cannot find out is how I can setup apps so that they show the number of unread messages / calls on the app icon.

    I know there is a notification bar, but to me it feels much easier to just put my most used apps on the home screen& then I see in one glance if I have a new message.
    I already tried the go launcher extension "notifier", but it only works with certain apps, as far as I can see.
    I use skype & naver line a lot. So these apps would be important, together with k-9 for mail ( should show the number of unread mails), sms & missed calls.
    I use a htc one x and I'm quite happy with the device, if I can set it up a little bit better according to my needs.
    Any help appreciated!
    04-18-2012 12:50 PM