1. thesearenotthedroidsyourelookingfor's Avatar
    I have an android phone and I was typing a very important text with information I needed to save that I was saving as a draft, then going back into and adding to when needed and saving as a draft again, no problem. But now it has dissappeared from my text drafts folder. I can't find it anywhere. Is there any way that I can retrieve it? Would it be stored on my sd card or something even though it was a draft? Why would a draft that has been saving no problem suddenly dissappear for no reason? Is there anywhere else it might be that I can retrieve it from? Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you
    09-07-2012 02:22 PM
  2. Dana Alame's Avatar
    I'm facing the same problem,it's terrible!!
    06-21-2014 09:41 PM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I can't help with retrieving the drafts (assuming it's possible, I dunno), but my suggestion would be to write drafts into a note taking app and save as needed. When ready to send, you simply copy and paste from the note app to the text app. That's what I've been doing for a while when it came to large posts in the web browser, because it likes to automatically refresh the page whenever I leave the app and return and thus losing what I've typed.
    06-21-2014 10:09 PM