1. Jay O's Avatar
    Yeah, I know.. pretty specific. As of yesterday I'm now the proud owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm also an avid slacker Radio fan, but have found that my headphones now won't skip songs on that app as they did on my iPhone.

    Any thoughts? I'd prefer not to spend too much.. I eat through headphones at an alarming rate.


    11-07-2012 09:35 AM
  2. Subsound's Avatar
    try using the ones provided by Samsung.
    11-07-2012 10:09 AM
  3. Jay O's Avatar
    Yeah.. those don't work, nor do any of the headphones I have... All mid level, relatively decent headphone sets. I can pause without problem, just can't skip songs.
    11-07-2012 11:30 AM
  4. Subsound's Avatar
    depends on the phone. if it's a GS3 then you double tap the button to skip songs.
    11-07-2012 05:06 PM
  5. Jay O's Avatar
    The "button"? Which one? The one on the headset just pauses and plays. No skipping regardless of how many times I hit the button.

    I'm hoping the headset can accomadate this (some headset). When I'm on the train the last thing I need is to be fumbling with the phone while I'm listening to my musak!

    11-07-2012 05:46 PM
  6. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    The buttons on the Samsung headphones don't work for Slacker to skip music. They also don't work for Pandora. However, double-tapping the "Play/Pause" button does skip songs on Google Music and most media players (AFAIK).

    I know that's not much help. I assume it's something that Slacker and Pandora haven't coded into their apps. Maybe another headphone would work, but I don't have any suggestions.
    11-08-2012 08:41 AM
  7. Jay O's Avatar
    I might just have to switch music providers. Google Music sounds interesting!
    11-08-2012 09:33 AM
  8. Mr Quince's Avatar
    I use slacker a lot as well. These lg tone plus hbs 730 work for skipping songs. Although if you pause, it won't let you resume the same song. You can can press skip and does go to the next one though. They're not the cheapest, but I think they're great. There's also the older 700 model that are a little cheaper. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.


    Sent from my Sammy GS3
    11-08-2012 09:59 AM

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