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    Not sure when this problem started because I don't use Voice-Text too much. The past few days I cannot use the microphone AT ALL! I just get "Connection Problem". I have execellent signal 4G and all bars so I don't understand what the problem could be connecting. It works when I am on Wi-Fi (although I am surprised at that... I kinda thought text/mms always uses cell network not internet network).

    I have HTC Rezound 4.0.3 Android; HTC Sense 3.6. I was force updated July 1 to 4.05.605.1471. Perhaps that's when problem started. Not sure. Could it be Verizon or is this all software crapola? (aside: I hate updates. I rarely need what they are pushing and more often than not they break something rather than fix something.)

    Everything or most everything is stock. Kinda a newbie. Have had this 1.5 yrs but have little experience troubleshooting because it has been pretty much smooth sailing.

    Also past weekend got errors sending pics - "Generic network failure" - but that seems to have cleared up. It all seems to point to Verizon and cell network, but I doubt it really.
    08-26-2013 05:46 PM

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