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    So now that I've had a few months with my shiny (well matte black anyway) G1, I've found there are a few items I'm a bit stumped on:

    - So I got my first "low storage space" warning the other day. So I checked out the "Manage applications" setting to see how much space all the apps were taking up. There were a few expected memory hogs, like bonsai blast, and pacman (those pretty graphics ain't tiny).
    But then there are ones like the app market, which shows a small app size, but 21MB of data!
    Now, some other apps (such as the browser) have a button for clearing the cache, user data, etc. Is the app market just storing megabytes upon megabytes of cached app data?

    - On a related question, can anyone confirm exactly how much memory is available for user apps? I've found conflicting reports online. Is user data storage separate?

    - Is there anyway of cleaning up the messaging inbox? I seem to be able to delete a single message (long hold), an entire thread (long hold), and all threads (menu button). But what about a treo-style "clear all messages older than xx days" option?
    01-15-2009 10:40 AM
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    Oh, and one more question:

    - Regarding notifications, ringtones, and vibrations:
    I prefer to use my phone like it has the treo silencer switch: that is, in one mode, all the ringtones and notification rings make noise. In the other mode, all those same rings and notifications vibrate instead of making noise.
    I haven't figured out how to do this on the g1 however.

    - If I go with "Silent mode", it shuts off all noises, but I don't get vibrations for any of them. I can go into each app (phone calls, messages, emails, etc), and turn on vibration notifications, but then they stay on even if I'm not in silent mode.

    - If I set the g1 to vibrate (down on the volume button), phone calls automatically switch to silent, but other notifications (such as texts) don't vibrate in this mode, unless I set them to vibrate in their own settings. But then they still vibrate when I'm not in silent/vibrate mode.

    Is there anyway to get this thing more like a treo, with either noises on, or all noises replaced by vibrate?
    01-15-2009 10:46 AM