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    I am a new tablet/android user. I do not own a smartphone and just received a kindle fire HD 2nd generation for xmas. The unit i have is wifi only. So, I would like to use a smartphone or MiFi device to suck the internet off of lol.
    My mothers a$$ of a boyfreind has been shutting the internet off so that i cant have access, just to be a p****, so i want to have MY OWN INTERNET and i want to be able to use it anywhere. So I was looking into the MiFi devices. Then I was reading they arent that reliable and are expensive ect. So I thought maybe a better route is just to get a smartphone and plan. So i was looking into verizon Lg G2 phone w 2gb internet plan and i was reading that the foxfi app (whatever its called) doesnt work , and you have to root it. I dont want to root a brand new phone or my brand new kindle, as it will void my warranties. So, my goal here is to find out whether you think it is better to just use a MiFi device, or to get a smart phone and plan to get the internet on the kindle. (obviously if i got the smartphone i would be using it more for just internet lol)
    If just getting a smartphone is a better idea....what is a good one to get that will allow me to tether without rooting?
    If the mifi device is a better option what service provider would give me good internet capabilities in the boston area. Alot of the reason why i want it is to kill time while on the buses (which have no wifi) and subways (which also have no wifi only the commuter rail and obviously if my mothers bf shuts the internet off on me at home...i will be able to still have access on my own.
    Please help! I dont know anything about this stuff, and all I do know has come from research in the past few hours.
    Thank you so much for reading all this and happy new year!
    01-03-2014 09:51 PM

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