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    Hi i have a nice quad core cell phone with a really low 4 gbs internal memory and 1 gb ram, distributed as follows:
    internal storage memory 1 gb
    phone storage 1.5 gb
    however using All-in-One tool box it likes to name them as:
    Rom 1 gb
    SDCard0 1.5 gb

    so i managed to buy a new 32 gb sd card and then realized it doesn't change the fact that apps can only install and run only over Rom and SD0 where i further searched and then learnt of Link2SD and RoehSoft Ram Expander as the most popular solutions around forums.

    problem is i see all tutorials explaining that Link2SD copy phone memory to a new partition of the physical SD card that i will have to partition into 2 partitions where i am confused by the following questions i need answered to understand:

    1-i am to use Link2SD to copy and link which data, Rom or the SDCard0 to the newly created partition?
    2-what will happen after the Link, will either Rom or SDCard0 that i will copy will be invisible to the system now and over-ridden or still accessible?
    3-Ram Expander disclaimer is that it will shorten physical SD life time, in that case would it be smart to create the swap file on SDCard0 (if still accessable) ?
    4-Would downloading new apps still require free space on either Rom or SDCard0 ?
    5-if at any time the physical SD card was unmounted will that mean the phone crashes into near factory state or remounting its SD will restore its state ?
    thanks in advance guys
    04-08-2014 11:43 AM

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