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    Looking around at some issues....I see a lot of people frustrated when their phone randomly reboots... or they get one of the dreaded Sleep of Death's and have to hard reset.... people ask for logs, which they, of course, can't give since things get flushed on boot.... something I've run into in the past myself.

    Is there a fairly simple and straightforward method to maintain a persistent logcat? I know some apps will dump to a file, but, at least the ones I've tried, they are kind of a royal pain in the **** to set up and they didn't work reliably (I'd end up with a 0 byte log file). Ideally, I think that keeping a rolling log (last 10 mins/XXX # of lines) would be the best way to handle things. This way the log wouldn't grow too large and we'd get the events leading up to the boot. Yes, I know that we'd see some battery use, but we're looking at a debugging situation here, not something we'd always run with.

    Is there something out there that wouldn't require some kind of rube goldburg-esque dance to get working every time?
    04-30-2014 08:38 AM

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