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    On my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I use the stock screen sharing regularly with my LG TV. No dongle, no pairing, my TV just shows up and I am able to wirelessly share videos or pics. It just let's me cast things like videos, photos, and media files but my Nexus 10 seems to be able to share anything since the update that added screen casting capability to it.

    However, on my Nexus, my LG TV never shows up. I'm assuming there's different software or code involved so I'd like to know if there's a way to get the Samsung screen casting software functioning on my Nexus? I'm willing to root but I don't know that it is possible since it's not an app per se so much as a feature.

    Any tips or ideas? A Chromecast dongle is pretty cheap but I'd like to try this first.

    Thank you very much
    06-03-2015 10:32 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    TVs each have a proprietary mirroring method, and unless the TV and the phone are the same make, they usually don't work together. (It's surprising that your Samsung works on your LG TV. Mine doesn't see my Vizio.)

    As for Chromecast, the app works n the N4, N5, N6 and N7 (2013), the 9 and the 10. Just install Chromecast, plug the Chromecast device into a spare HDMI input on the TV, power the device (either from a USB port on the TV or with the supplied wall charger), make sure wifi is available (the device will update itself - it takes about an hour of watching nothing before it's ready to go) Then run the app. (See Chromecast mirroring for instructions).

    It mirrors the phone screen to the TV, so anything you see on the phone (even if the screen blanks), you see on the TV - except where your finger is, so you have to look down at the Nexus to tap anything. (And holding the phone in portrait mode will seem weird on the TV.)
    06-03-2015 10:50 PM

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