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    So i recently got a Droid Incredible to replace my OG Droid and love the phone. It's been rooted and with the exception of having to play with the APN's to get MMS working, it runs nicely (albeit randomly reboots on CM-7 RC1)

    One thing i did notice was restoring/upgrading to new CM was something of a hassle for me. Here is why:

    1: using Appbrain to re-install apps, if i do it in Batch mode or not in batch mode, CM7 reboots every couple of apps. Sometimes forcing me to then re-download and redo apps it was in the middle of, and it gets kinda flakey. Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to rectify? (i also made sure after reboots to fix permissions with ROM Manager hoping to help mitigate the problem)

    2: using Titanium Backup Pro: after an upgrade (for instance today trying to upgrade from RC1 to RC2) i ran a batch restore of non-installed programs looking to just get them back on the phone faster that way. Sometimes it gets through 4 or 5 restores, sometimes not even one, and it reboots. Again tried fixing permissions, installing apps separately, etc etc, and i'm getting just a string of reboots.

    In 3.5 hours of trying to upgrade from RC1 to RC2 i got about halfway there, said screw it, and reverted to a NAND backup of RC1 that is running fine.

    Now, when i have the time, i might try this again and do it all full on manually, but it's such a pain in the ***. Other people on here must be upgrading from RC1 to RC2 or even the nightlies. are you having the same problems? what is your backup/restore process for an upgrade? How long is it taking?

    If curious about the apps i am restoring, you can look at my appbrain profile here garaxiel's Apps on the HTC Droid Incredible - Page 1

    Hopefully between the group of people on here we can find out a good set of tips/tricks to help people in the future, so i'm curious how everyone is doing it and what problems they are having.

    Side note: now, 3 days later, i have been trying to just re-install applications for about 4 hours. I'm most of the way there but one or 2 apps then a reboot is getting frustrating. But yes, this is the price for using a non-stock mod and a RC version so i'm not saying boo boo to it, just saying, is there a better way anyone has found?
    03-11-2011 02:51 PM
  2. PvilleComp's Avatar
    When I do a full wipe I re-download all my apps from the market 1 or 2 at a time and then restore data from titanium for those apps that save state, like Angry Birds. The Weather Channel app is the only one I do full restore of from Titanium because the new version in the market does not run on 2.3.3.

    Bookmarks and other things like that are also restored from Titanium.

    When flashing nightlies, there is no need for a full wipe. Just wipe cache and dalvik before flashing the nightly and reboot. All your apps and settings remain.

    I agree it is a pain to re-set up everything after a full wipe, but I’ve gotten it down to about 45 minutes or less. I usually find at least one or two apps in Titanium that fall into the “WTF was I thinking when I installed that” category.
    03-11-2011 05:30 PM