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    recently, I accidentally check the 360 security application on my samsung galaxy note 10 and by that time many application were being installed on my phone without installing them and the wifi connection is always ON even I turned it off and if there is no connection the data connection will appear as ON. many advertisements appeared and some application is being stop which do not happened before. I tried to go to security setting->device administrator and unchecked the 360 security application as device administrator and deactivate but there is no respond but if I choose the cancel button it will respond. so how can I solve this problem? it affects me so much because my boss cannot contact me because sometimes the sim card is not detected and regularly shutdown/reset my phone. can you help me with this problem I encountered?

    I am looking for great options/solutions to fixed this problem.

    06-09-2016 07:15 PM
  2. chucky12's Avatar
    Please help me with my problem... Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    06-10-2016 02:23 AM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    Try a Backup & Reset, and untick/uncheck Auto Restore Apps. Tell us if you need advice about backing up fully.
    If still no go, reflash the stock ROM.
    06-10-2016 05:47 AM
  4. chucky12's Avatar
    can you tell me how to do it
    06-11-2016 10:17 PM
  5. belodion's Avatar
    06-12-2016 11:01 AM

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