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    I have searched the forum for this topic, but found nothing, so Im starting a new thread.

    As happens to everybody, my phone's internal memory was full, so I decided to uninstall some apps I no longer use.

    When I opened the defaul Apps viewer in android (I'm running 5.1.1 on Galaxy S5 mini), i found that the app sizes shown are wrong. When I display details about an app, it might show like the app takes 40 MB of internal storage and 20 MB on SD Card, when I know for a fact that the app is around 1 GB (this particular numbers are for game Galaxy On Fire 2, which in play store is listed as being 0.94 GB). I think most apps are displayed wildly incorrectly (that is, of those that I have some idea how big they really are).

    Do you know why the phone shows wrong sizes of apps, and how to fix it? Perhaps some different app for viewing intalled apps... I need to know how big the apps really are to know what to uninstall.

    02-21-2017 05:11 AM

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