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    Apologies up front...I *did* try searching for existing threads on this subject but couldn't find one. If I've overlooked something please feel free to direct me to the appropriate place.

    I have a new Google Pixel 2, and I cannot get the Voice Input Key to appear while messaging (I don't need Google Assistant, I just need a voice to text translation when responding to an existing conversation).

    What I have already tried:
    * I have confirmed that Google Voice typing is not disabled (it is set to automatic and doesn't seem to offer an option to explicitly set On)
    * I have confirmed under Gboard that the Voice Input Key is toggled on.
    * I tried toggling Offensive Words on/off as I saw a previous issue.
    * I tried to force stop Gboard and clear the cache as suggested elsewhere here; however, Gboard doesn't appear to stop and no button is present to clear the cache.

    I tried switching to Swiftkey but the constant Predictions bar was too distracting; I'm a fine typist and just want a working keyboard with voice input.

    Is this a bug? Or is this a feature with Ok Google that blocks any other voice activities? I'm really frustrated because this is something I did use on my old Samsung S6 Edge.

    Any help would be very appreciated. And again, apologies if I've posted this incorrectly or overlooked an existing discussion.

    Edit: argh...I found it. I have to enable the suggestion strip to see it. That sucks...I don't want the lost real estate for predictive text that I don't need. Thanks for reading, if anyone saw this.
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    11-02-2017 10:23 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central, and thanks for updating us with your solution!
    11-02-2017 11:03 AM

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